André & Julia, AruShots

Dream girl

Project: Dream girl on Aruba

One of our most amazing project was shot on Aruba. This project was spontaneous and mostly not choreographed.
For a long time we had the song Dream girl by Mtchll in mind. We like this song very much and it’s been a big salsa hit on Aruba when it was released. We just did not find yet a concept around which to record te song so that it fits. 

During a family visit to Aruba the idea came be AruShots to make a videoshoot on the beach, and then all the pieces fell together. It was big fun to shoot this dance. We are greatful for the talented AruShots for working with us on this project.

For those of you who have not visited Aruba. Make sure to put it on your bucketlist. The island is beautiful and has many talented musicians and artist that will inspire you. Oh, and, did we mention the white sand beaches?

Watapana Students

Mambo of the times

Project: Mambo of the times

As a result of the Corona lockdowns, we at Watapana Dance Company decided to make an online choreography class. Many of our students joined this project to stay connected to each other and as a result we present you this video. 

We hope you enjoy it and encourage you do keep your students dancing.

We want to thank our student for putting in their effort and congralute them with this amazing results.